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  1.  Call or text 502-419-7940 to register.  Leave your name, phone number, and specify the best times to call you back.




       Message Martin Rollins on Facebook with the best way to contact you               and we will be in touch by phone, messenger or email.




       Email and leave your contact                                           information. We will then get back in touch with you.




2.  You will receive a contact from Martin Rollins verifying the status of the class enrollment and your fees.   Remember  -  until verified by Martin, you are not registered for the class.


3. Bring payment with you to your first class meeting.   Please make checks payable to Crescent Moon Studio.  Call and register today!


Crescent Moon Studio  (CMS)  Policies


  • Crescent Moon Studio (CMS) is located within the Holy Trinity School: Clifton Campus, on the grounds of the St. Francis of Rome parish. The parking spaces and areas in and outside of the school building are shared, and given their usage, we ask your patience with limited parking during school or church events.


Since our studio is within a functioning school building, the exterior doors are kept locked. You will receive a code to type into the exterior door keypads allowing you entry into the building.


  • The CMS is a shared workspace that requires everyone to keep the easels, taborets, tables, and shelves clean and ready for the next group of students.  CMS bears no financial responsibility for personal items not stored in a proper fashion.


  • One Bonus session is offered at the end of each course of classes to accommodate unforeseen absences during the 4-classes.  This date appears on this schedule. CMS bears no additional responsibility for missed classes, and no refunds are available for classes or sessions unattended.


  • Students are responsible for their materials and their artwork.

       Unclaimed materials left without prior arrangements with the instructor         

       become the property of CMS.

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